Thank you for choosing the FUSE!

Please provide the details of your project or event along with your contact information. We will acknowledge your request within 1-3 business days and work to schedule a consultation.

A FUSE Sample Invoice has been provided below!

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Terms and Conditions

1. Deposit equal to half of the agreed amount for live appearances and/or production services requested is due at the time of the agreement. Deposit will secure the date for live appearances and ensure requester’s commitment to requested services prior to the start of production.

2. Remaining balance for live appearances are due the date of event.

3. Remaining balance for production services are due before delivery of final product. Requesters will be
provided with samples of produced works throughout the creative process to ensure satisfaction with
direction and content before final payment is expected and final product is released.

4. Refund of deposit for live events will be provided if event is cancelled without a rescheduled event