Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy is the founder of Fired Up Soul Entertainment (FUSE), established in Wilmington, Delaware during COVID, in January of 2021. His desire is to bring his arsenal of talents to inspire his audience to recognize the untapped potential inside of them. His passion for human connection is the source of his comedic yet informative delivery. While the son of a preacher, Jeremy is a FUSE for many, from different walks of life. He brings years of live performance and production experience through his previous membership with the BeSure Worship Band from Chester, Pennsylvania, performs Radio/Commercial voiceovers, produces stadium music and anthems for sports teams and individuals, and is also a licensed preacher, receiving his Certificate of Ordination and License from Rhema Ministries Inc in 2002.

Jeremy believes in The Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But, he also believes that you should do for others what no one has done for you. 


Whether hosting, teaching, singing or constructing musical compositions, The FUSE is saturated with a fire that unlocks the desire of your heart and ignites an explosion for your future!